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Childcare Family Assistance

Child Care Rebate (CCR) and Child Care Benefit (CCB)

To help with child care costs, the Australian Government offers two types of financial assistance: the Child Care Rebate and the Child Care Benefit.

It is important to remember that the Child Care Rebate is not income tested. You may be eligible to receive this rebate even though your family income is too high to receive the Child Care Benefit.

What is the Child Care Rebate?

The Child Care Rebate pays up to 50 per cent of your out-of-pocket expenses for child care up to an annual cap. For the 2012-2013 income year, the Child Care Rebate annual cap is $7,500 per child per year.
It is NOT income tested, so you may be eligible to receive it even if you don’t get the Child Care Benefit from your fees.
Your out of pocket child care costs are calculated after deducting any Child Care Benefit from your fees.
Further information on the Child Care Rebate can be found in the Fact Sheets.

What is the Child Care Benefit?

The Child Care Benefit is income tested and is usually paid directly to child care providers to reduce the fees that eligible families pay.

To receive the Child Care Rebate you must claim and be eligible for Child Care Benefit (assessed at a rate of zero or more). This means:

  • You must be using Child Care Benefit approved child care.
  • Fig Tree Pocet Early Childhood Centre is an approved provider.
  • Find out how much you could receive using the child care estimator on the Department of Human Services website.

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