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Caring Natural Environment

Fig Tree Pocket Early Childhood Centre boasts a large ¾ acre playground with real grass, lush gardens and large established shade trees. Children are treated to exciting, open ended play spaces with opportunities to pump water into a shallow creek bed, dig in a mud patch, ride tricycles and scooters, search for and identify creatures great and small, run on large open expanses of grass, climb, slide and balance on the fort, cook in a sand pit kitchen, build erupting volcanos, and work in the vege/flower/herb garden.

The natural outdoor learning environment is complemented by changing play experiences and materials such as painting, water troughs, obstacle courses, drawing, sand toys, reading mats, sports and ball games during which Educators interact closely with children to extend their skills and knowledge. Projects and interests that have developed in the classrooms often evolve, expand and transition to the outdoor learning environment.