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Indoor/Outdoor Program

The connection between indoor/outdoor learning environments continues in the classroom environment where children can often choose to move freely from veranda to classroom to engage in play based learning experiences utilising a variety of materials and equipment to meet the needs and interests of the children.

The indoor and outdoor learning environments support and encourage an appreciation of cultural diversity by representing various cultures in non-tokenistic ways and including multi-cultural experiences in the program. A growing awareness of environmental sustainability is leading to a greater focus on developing sustainable solutions in our class rooms and throughout the Centre.

Learning environments are not limited to Centre grounds; an excursion is offered annually to support the Kindy Blue program. Visiting shows and visits from community services such as the Fire Brigade also offer an extension to the curriculum and programs. Parents also have the opportunity to enhance the learning environment by being involved in the Education and Care of their children; this can be done in a variety of ways that do not necessarily require parents to spend long periods of time at the centre. Fig Tree Pocket Early Childhood Centre has an ‘open door policy’ welcoming parent participation in the program, as it is recognised that reciprocal partnerships between parents and Educators promote the best outcomes for children.